Sex doll orders increased by 7 times in China in 2022

For some “inexplicable” reasons, the sales of sex dolls have exploded.

“It surprised me. Although it is a little heavy, it is no different from a real person.”

“Not only can it solve the physiological needs of men, it does not involve illegal activities, but it can also make money.”

“After the quiet rise of the sex experience hall, the sales of our sex doll factory have increased.”

One category of sex dolls is popular for “use at home”. “Maybe everyone has nothing to do during the isolation at home.” An sex doll entrepreneur revealed to Pencil Road.

Another type is popular in “street use”. Recently, sex doll experience halls have quietly sprung up in major cities – letting the “secret” of sex dolls come out of the circle. “There are fewer people on the street, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassment when you enter the offline store.”

According to supplier data, the demand for sex dolls has indeed increased several times recently. A person in charge of a Guangzhou sex doll factory revealed to Pencil Road that the order volume has doubled for both export and domestic sales.

Foreign orders doubled. In the past, the total output of the factory was about 4,000 per month, of which more than 3,600 were exported. Under the epidemic, the export business has directly doubled from 7,000 to 8,000.

Domestic orders have directly increased by 5-7 times. In the past, it sold three or four hundred pieces a month, but now it has increased to about 2,000 pieces. Even the customer service of the sex doll factory said with emotion that they have been “crazy busy” in the past six months.

sex dolls are more of an emotional business these days. Brands will set up a character for each doll based on the doll’s appearance, and make it a “luxury”, so that these dolls will gradually change from shameful toys to perfect lovers with fans.

The prices of these sex dolls range from high to low. The purchase price alone is between 3,000 and 20,000 yuan. Those dolls with movable joints, skin texture and blood vessels, and even conversation can be sold for 80,000 yuan. s price.

Like other products in the sex industry, traditional channels can basically maintain a gross profit margin of more than 50% from manufacturers to brands, wholesalers, retailers and then to customers, as well as e-commerce channels.

At present, although the user awareness of the sex doll industry is still in the early stage of the market, most of the domestic users are located in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. However, with the gradual opening of domestic users’ sexual concepts, some entrepreneurs have begun to set foot in this market.

Note: The content of this article is mainly from the interviews of Pencil Road reporters and public information on the Internet. The arguments are inevitably biased and there is no deliberate misleading.

sex experience hall quietly rises

“Today, my friend brought me to a newly opened experience hall. At first, I couldn’t understand it, and some couldn’t accept it. I tried it once, and it surprised me. Although it was a bit heavy, it was no different from a real person.” Wang Liang, a consumer in Beijing commented after experiencing a “robot girlfriend” sex experience hall.

Recently, he found that many cities across the country, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, etc., have such sex doll experience halls. Wang Liang sighed that the emergence of this kind of experience store is actually quite an idea. It can not only solve the physiological needs of men but also make money without involving illegal activities.

With the quiet rise of sex experience halls, the domestic market of sex doll factories has also ushered in a wave of benefits.

“In the past week, I have received several consultation orders, all of them wanting to open an experience hall.” Zhang Yi, the head of a sex doll factory in Guangzhou, also revealed to Pencil Road that with the landing of sex experience halls across the country, his factory’s Business is busier.

In fact, because of the epidemic, the business of the sex doll factory has been better than ever. Zhang Yi introduced that in previous years, the sales of sex dolls mostly relied on exports. The monthly output of their factories can reach about 4,000, of which more than 3,600 were exported to Japan, Italy, Europe, the United States, and other countries in the past. Under the epidemic this year, because everyone cannot go out, the export business of sex dolls has grown from 7,000 to 8,000 per month.

“It’s more than doubled.” He sighed.

Zhang Yi revealed that usually less than 10% of the factory’s products are sold to domestic users. “In the past, it sold three or four hundred in a month in China, but now it has increased to about 2,000.”

Li Jia, customer service of another Shenzhen sex doll factory, has a deep understanding of the increase in the sales of dolls in the factory.

“Our factory originally shipped the same day. Recently, some of the goods often have to be delayed until the next morning before they can be sent out.” Li Jia revealed that his factory is a large factory with 10 years of precipitation in the industry and has many distributors. Due to the lack of business resources, there has been no shortage of orders. During the epidemic, user demand has increased, and the factory has also exploded orders.

Li Jia introduced that the customer service account he was in charge of, used to publish news regularly every day, and generally released a video of finished sex dolls or shipments every 2 hours. But now, because of the inquiries from many users, he is too busy to post videos, so he can only post 3 or 4 messages per day.

Because there have been a large number of orders on the way, any corner in the warehouse is full of products. Li Jia said helplessly, “Every day I shoot videos, I have to sit on the box and shoot.”

For the popularity of the industry, Liu Xiang, the founder of the sex product retail brand “Sakura Burn”, is not surprised. Liu Xiang said that the sales of sex products were indeed the best when the epidemic was the worst. From February to March, his offline retail store sales increased by 60 to 100%.

“One is that there are fewer people on the street, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassment when you enter the offline store; the other is that you may have nothing to do during the isolation at home.” He analyzed.

Spend 80,000 for a “girlfriend”

In fact, sex dolls have long been “out of the circle”.

“If it’s realistic, I’d rather have a toy. Real women are too difficult to serve.”

“I am a girl, and I will also buy a doll as my emotional sustenance. The original intention of buying this silicone doll is that it is very beautiful, and it can accompany me, not as some people think.”

In the merchant reviews of Taobao stores, many consumers expressed their demand for sex dolls, regardless of gender.

This is indeed the case. According to Liu Xiang, the entrepreneur of the above-mentioned sex product retail brand, in the “doll circle”, users who buy sex dolls are also divided into two categories. One is the “baby party”, mainly to solve psychological needs, and the other is the “baby party”, in order to solve the physiological needs. More users is a combination of both needs.

“The reason for this situation is that the IP and operation of the sex doll brand are good.” Liu Xiang revealed that the sex doll brand is more like an emotional business. Each doll has a different identity background and a different story.

The company “Tiais”, known as “China’s time-honored brand of physical dolls” and “the first stock of inflatable dolls”, has focused on fans by creating dolls.

It can be said that Thies put a lot of effort into creating the character of the sex doll. It will create related fan VR games for them based on their people. This takes these dolls from shameful toys to the perfect lover with fans. And fans no longer avoid the need for dolls, but spontaneously create stories to enrich the connotation of doll IP itself.

Some fans will also upload their own stories with sex dolls to enhance the “doll circle” fans’ stickiness and attract new fans.

In the early years, a freelancer named Hakuren Onodera who was diagnosed with a severe “intracranial arachnoid cyst” bought Thies’s doll “Butterfly” because she wanted to have a family but was afraid of delaying others. as his own daughter. He posted the story of himself and Xiaodie on his blog and moved countless netizens.

“Under the operation of the sex doll brand, brand dolls have become genuine luxury goods.” Liu Xiang revealed that in the early days when there were no sex dolls in China, some people bought a doll for several thousand yuan in Japan through purchasing agents, which cost 20,000 yuan.

After so many years, the domestic sex doll industry has also developed, and the products are exported to overseas. However, Liu Xiang introduced that the prices of products in this industry are also very chaotic, and the price gap can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of yuan.

The reason for the price difference is often related to the size, material, brand, function and other factors of the doll. The height of the doll is generally between 1 and 1.7 meters, and the material is either silicone or TPE.

“Last month, I learned from a factory that the price of a 1-meter doll is only 550 yuan, and a 1.7-meter doll can be purchased for 2 to 3,000 yuan, but some purchase prices range from 3,000 to 20,000 yuan. “Liu Xiang said.

According to Zhang Yi, the person in charge of the above-mentioned factory, the latest materials in recent years are safe and environmentally friendly silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Silicone has high plasticity, and the degree of simulation can be better. The dolls produced are like the touch of real human skin, and some skins can even see blood vessels. High-end products can also install mechanical bones, and even have body temperature. The hair of the doll is all real hair, and the eyebrows are also implanted one by one.

However, the cost of sex dolls is also higher. In order to save costs, many companies now only use silicone for the head of the doll and choose the lower-cost TPE material for the body.

“Our semi-silicone dolls are generally priced at 7,000 yuan, and full-silicon dolls are also above 20,000 yuan. Japanese imports are generally around 50,000 yuan, and some brand products are even priced at around 80,000 yuan.” Zhang Yi revealed.

Offline sales or new opportunities

As a profiteering industry, sex toys can basically maintain 100% of the gross profit margin from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and customers through traditional channels. It is conservatively estimated that the gross profit of e-commerce channels is also 50%. The average gross profit margin of my country’s sex toys manufacturers is between 40% and 50%. The data also shows that Ties’ gross profit margin in 2016 reached 54.8%.

During the epidemic, although the industry is “out of the circle”, in fact, the user awareness of the sex doll industry is still in the early stage of the market, which is also the consensus of the industry.

“The number of people who can accept sex dolls is still limited. Our data shows that most domestic users are located in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.” Zhang Yi admitted that the “sex concept” of domestic users is indeed not open to foreign countries. more conservative.

However, Zhang Yi said that judging from the recent rise of sex experience stores, Chinese people’s awareness of this aspect has been greatly improved, and the sex doll industry has also ushered in a new wave of dividends. He revealed that friends around him also asked him about sex doll entrepreneurship and wanted to enter the industry.

It is worth mentioning that the data of Tianyancha Professional Edition shows that in the first half of this year, more than 29,000 family planning sex toys-related companies were added in my country, of which more than 19,000 were added in the second quarter, a year-on-year increase of 5%.

Regarding the entrepreneurial opportunities in the sex doll industry, Zhang Yi believes that it is the general trend to develop control algorithms for sex dolls and improve their AI intelligent interaction. He admitted that the AI ​​function of sex dolls is not intelligent and the interaction is too simple. The doll should be able to receive the voice band through the sensor, increase the emotional interaction with the user, and also enhance the active interaction of the sex doll. Let users experience the feeling of love.

Liu Xiang believes that the market for sex dolls in my country has not been fully developed, and the needs of the elderly may also be a new opportunity for this industry to be deployed offline.

In his opinion, for sex doll products, the users on Taobao are still mainly young people, while the offline purchasing power has not been fully satisfied, and there are no channels and platforms to trigger this purchasing power.

“I bought a glass showcase before, and spent 1,800 yuan to buy a 1.5-meter sex doll and put it in my offline unmanned retail store. As a result, within a week, I saw through surveillance that the doll was stolen by an uncle ” Liu Xiang revealed that through this experiment, he found that some middle-aged and elderly people may be an important audience for sex dolls in terms of physical needs.

He explained that in fact, the earliest audience of sex dolls were some otaku who had the conditions to purchase cross-border or purchasing on behalf of others, but their emotional needs were generally greater than their physical needs, but the actual needs of middle-aged and elderly people would be larger. “Those lonely elderly people also have their own sexual needs, but in fact, sex dolls are also a choice for them.”

To this end, he revealed that he is also using some methods to reach users. In the future, he may ask for some real-life photos from the manufacturer and then display them as real-life posters of sex dolls in offline unmanned retail stores. The user can submit customized requirements independently through the software, and then he can place an order with the manufacturer according to the requirements.

Of course, although the epidemic has suddenly made the sex doll industry out of the circle, it has also made people in the industry see new opportunities in the industry, but in the long run, whether it can maintain the momentum of development and even allow more users to recognize it, there is still a question mark.

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