6 Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying a Sex Doll

When buying sex dolls, buyers tend to contact old buyers to find out how to buy sex dolls, what specifications to check, what regulations to pay attention to, etc.
But not anymore. If you are planning to buy a sex doll and are concerned about how to choose the right doll, the following guide will help you.

Listed below are some of the important and most common questions you must ask when buying sex dolls online.


Question.1: What is the material of the doll?

It is very important to know the material from which the sex doll is made. Generally, TPE and silicone are the two most mainstream materials.
If you don’t know the difference between them, you can ask customer service to send you a comparison of the relevant parameters.
The dolls of both materials are soft to the touch. However, TPE is much softer than previous materials. Therefore, if you want the skin of the doll to be as soft as a feather,
it is recommended to choose a doll made of TPE.

Question.2: Is the doll flexible?

Many customers may need to swing the doll in different poses for filming. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the expensive sex doll can withstand the daily stress.
The doll must be flexible enough to try out various mental positions. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer what metal the skeleton of the
doll is and whether the skin is flexible enough before purchasing.


Question.3: What is the size and height of the doll?

Before buying a doll, be sure to check the size and height of the doll, it all depends on your needs. Make sure all you need is the torso, a miniature doll or a 1:1 scale doll of a real person.
Most buyers prefer to buy full-size sex dolls for a more authentic experience. The doll’s skeleton is heavy, just like a real human being. So if you can live with a doll of this size and
have enough room to store it, be sure to buy a full-scale sex doll.

Question.4: Can it be customized?

Most brands offer a custom business to help you make dolls according to your needs and preferences. When you browse sex dolls in the flagship stores of various e-commerce platforms,
you may find some options for custom dolls. These options may include choosing from a variety of wigs, nail types, nail colors, skin tones, pupil color, hair color, part size, and with or without a hair transplant.

Question.5: Do dolls come in different sizes?

This question is related to the one mentioned above. When checking out customization options, don’t forget to check or ask customer service dolls for different sizes and shapes.
Different people have different preferences. Some people prefer an hourglass shape while others prefer a pear shape.

Question.6: What does the shipping cost?

Communicating shipping costs in advance is very helpful in understanding the total cost of purchasing the doll. Some stores may ask to bear part of the shipping cost,
but most stores will provide free shipping on the first purchase. So, it’s clear that opting for the latter might be ideal for saving money on shopping.

A realistic sex doll can meet many of your needs. So be careful about the type of doll you need when you plan to bring it home.

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